Cooling Singapore, 2017 | Dr. XU Ming & Michael JOOS

Cooling Singapore, 2017 | Dr. XU Ming & Michael JOOS

There are many tools available to assess Urban Heat Island (UHI) and Outdoor Thermal Comfort (OTC). The Cooling Singapore team developed a simplified guide of 24 simulation tools able to assess the impact of different strategies in reducing UHI and improving OTC in Singapore and similar local contexts.

The guide provides a description for each tool, useful links, and references, as well as a matrix to help users compare the features of the simulation tools. The tools are grouped into three categories based on the spatial scale and capabilities: microscale tools, mesoscale tools, and supporting tools. In particular, the microscale tools can study the interaction of buildings and neighbourhoods with their surrounding environment in the surface layer. While the mesoscale tools can assess the thermal environment from the city to a regional scale. The supporting tools are more strategy-specific (e.g., able to evaluate the energy performance of buildings) that can communicate through inputs and outputs with other tools.

The content was collected through literature reviews and interviews with tool developers.

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