Assoc. Prof Dr. Jason LEE


Human Performance Programme
DSO National Laboratories

Jason Lee directs the Human Performance Laboratory at the Defense Medical and Environmental Research Institute, DSO National Laboratories. He obtained his first degree (Sports and Exercise Science - 1st Class Honours) from Loughborough University, UK. Following the award of G V Sibley Memorial Prize, he stayed on to complete a PhD in Exercise Physiology under sponsorship from the UK Overseas Research Scholarship and Faculty Studentship.

Jason is a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine and a member of the Professionals in Nutrition for Exercise and Sport. Tapping on his experience as a Commando Officer in the Singapore Armed Forces and domain knowledge, he serves in various national and international panels related to human performance and safety.

A key outcome of Jason’s research is the formulation of a holistic heat management system. This is achieved through profiling the associated heat strain in humans under various settings, formulating and evaluating heat mitigation strategies (physical conditioning regimes, heat acclimatisation, pre-activity cooling, work-rest cycles and hydration) and finally transiting them into polices such as training directives, training safety regulations and lesson plans. Knowledge gained from his research has also benefitted other agencies in formulating performance and safety guidelines and policies.