Sharing of Insights and Roadmap Development

Determining the policy requirements for successful implementation. Reports including the roadmap documents will be created that describe the findings (thermal hotspots, catalogue of mitigation strategies and counter-measures, knowledge and technology gaps). The purpose of these documents is to provide guidance and recommendations to policy makers. 



  • All the findings and insights produced by this project will be published in several comprehensive reports, including an overview of the UHI research landscape in Singapore, a roadmap for UHI mitigation in Singapore, and a roadmap for UHI related R&D activities in Singapore.
  • Throughout the project multiple workshops will be conducted to share intermediate findings with the relevant stakeholders and also to get valuable feedback that will steer roadmap development and regular information dissemination workshops in close cooperation with Singapore agencies. 

Key Deliverables

  • UHI Task Force 
  • Document with roadmap for UHI reduction 
  • Document with roadmap for UHI R&D activities 
  • Workshops with UHI Task Force 
  • International UHI symposium
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