One of the objectives of Cooling Singapore is to develop a roadmap that will help guide future UHI related R&D activates in Singapore, and act as a reference for policy makers.

So far, two position papers have been written. The OTC paper recommends definitions, metrics and measures to be used for OTC assessment in Singapore. The UHI paper proposes consensus-based definitions and metrics which can be used for UHI mitigation in Singapore.

It has become clear that a second phase of Cooling Singapore will be necessary if we want to be comprehensive in prioritising measures. This second phase will need to include two considerations that are currently out of scope:

  1. Economic considerations e.g. the impact on the economy if UHI is ignored, cost-benefit analysis of single or multiple measures.

  2. Health, heat stress and productivity impacts.

These two additional areas, combined with the current technical assessment of measures, will provide the foundation for a solid and more detailed roadmap.

 Source: Lina Meisen Photography

Source: Lina Meisen Photography