Thermal Comfort and Hotspot Mapping

It is crucial to identify the major contributors of the UHI effect in Singapore and to develop a robust understanding of the underlying causes and physical processes. This includes the built infrastructure as well as anthropogenic input. Locations that are significant in the context of thermal comfort will be identified and categorised. Systematic categorisation and analysis of ‘thermal hotspots’ will serve as the basis for developing effective mitigation concepts.



  • Collect existing and available thermal comfort and other UHI effect data from local sources at locations across Singapore.
  • Build a model (based on data from the National Science Experiment) to estimate thermal comfort at locations where no data is available.
  • Additional data can be added incrementally as it becomes available throughout the project and afterwards.

Key Deliverables

  • Consolidated data set
  • Thermal properties estimation model
  • Heatmap of Singapore