Valentin Melnikov holds a Master’s Degree in Computational Science from the University of Amsterdam and ITMO University, Saint Petersburg, Russia. His Masters research was on agent-based modelling of the automobile transportation system of Amsterdam, driven by open data and simulation of the impact of critical phenomena like massive power outages on such complex systems like transportation. He also holds an Engineering degree from the ITMO University in Information Systems and Technologies and has  strong experience in web-based automated systems development.

Valentin is now a PhD student in the Complexity Institute, Nanyang Technological University. He is working on coupling space and climate models with an agent-based pedestrians model in order to answer the main questions of the Cooler Calmer Singapore Impact Project: how particular urban areas are perceived by people in terms of their thermal comfort and what makes the urban environment thermally comfortable for citizens of modern and future cities. For the latter question to be answered and better understood, a general system dynamics model based on the complete simulation platform is to be developed.