WANG Ran received her Master’s degree in Geoinformation science from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and now she is a Ph.D. candidate of School of Architecture, the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She has experiences and skills in Geographic Information System (GIS), remote sensing images analysis, and geospatial modeling. Her research focuses on the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect and its relation to urban expansion in megacities of China. Also, she has been working on several projects related to the “World Urban Database and Access Portal Tools (WUDAPT),” including both developments of WUDAPT database and subsequent applications in China.

WANG Ran is also working on the surface UHI analysis and construction of historical Local Climate Zone (LCZ) maps of Singapore by applying remote sensing techniques. Moreover, she is cooperating with the Cooling Singapore team to visualize the land surface temperature of Singapore, South Malaysia, and North Indonesia.